Weevo and the Long March

In the weeks following my completion of Udacity’s Programming for Data Science nano, I found myself beset by indecision and from it, a lack of tangible progress which led inevitably to a loss of motivation. Not wishing to rest upon my recent-gained laurels, my eagerness to avoid stagnation compelled me onward to other horizons, but I quickly found my fervor to explore every single branch of that expansive tree is development, could actually be a double-edged sword..

For a while it seemed, without the challenge of encroaching deadlines to keep me working towards the structured goal of a curriculum, without a clear and singular path to follow, no lighthouse to serve as my beacon, this voyage of knowledge had started to become increasingly wayward. Unsure if I wanted to continue exploring the field of Data Science, web development, web scraping, or game design, I felt as though I was not making any measurable gain in any direction and thus it was, that I did begin to despair that I would ever become a software developer, in any sense of the word.

My GH activity hit a lull for a while due to lack of guidance.

The project-based approach of the nano-program had been of great motivation during the time I had taken the class and in fact, I believe it was the reason why I completed the course well-ahead of schedule. My GitHub contributions during that week can attest to my diligence. But afterwards, despite continuing to read books and sampling more courses on Udemy, with no portfolio-worthy project to toil away on with glee of getting to show it to the world, the push-and-pull of my GH account had all but ground to a halt. I even found myself waffling on which IDE to use, changing from PyCharm to Visual Studio to Atom.

But then a thought occurred to me.. I had seen innumerable posts in my Twitter feed of the #100DaysOfCode revolution, and how its community seemed both supportive as well as encouraging. And thus it was that I too, pledged myself and took up the charge to began my 100+ day journey.

That was nearly two weeks ago now, and I am happy to report that I have made a solid strand of tweets, chronicling daily my progress, no matter which direction it goes. And I’ve even picked up a few followers and like-minded compatriots along the way.

I’m still unsure as to which path this long and arduous journey shall ultimately lead me. For a while now, I have had an idea for a neat Chrome Extension I would like to build, so for the past few days, I have set myself to the task of completing Rob Percival‘s Complete Web Developer Course 2.0 here on Udemy.

PS: By the way, after hearing many good things about the lightweight Visual Studio Code, I decided to give it a try. And while I’m still learning the ropes and customizing its interface to my liking, I definitely see what all the hype has been about. Cheers!

A screenshot of my Visual Studio Code interface