Weevo and the Neophytes

It’s been a busy past few months, especially the past few weeks. Have a few major focuses happening in-tandem, the biggest two are prepping for a Python certification, as well as taking a brand-new course on breaking into the world of software development.

Having taken innumerable courses in Python, I had a random thought to see if there were actually any certifications one could acquire to actually prove to prospective employers that you do have some measurable skill with the language. The first result from my Google search brought me to the site of the Python Institute. Not only do they offer three-tiered certifications of Python, but also courses to help study and prepare for the exam. While the mid-tier PCAP test is currently $295, completing their course curriculum will get you a voucher for a sweet 50% discount. Oh, and the self-paced version of the course is FREE! I’m almost finished with all five of the modules/chapters in less than two weeks-time and while a majority of the material covered is review, I have come across some really good nuggets of information previously unknown to me. The section on OOP is quite helpful, as my knowledge on this topic thus far has been somewhat lacking. I had not yet messed around with creating classes, instead writing simple, single-file self-contained scripts, but I’m beginning to see the usefulness of using objects and classes. I’m hoping to be finished with the course and ready for the exam by next week!

My other focus has been partaking in Madison Kanna‘s new Become A Software Engineer course. You may recall from my very first blog post about how Madison’s professional transition to a software engineer really inspired me to reignite my desire to become a programmer. We’re only on our second week, but I could tell early-on that Madison’s involvement with her students was very high. She created a Facebook group for us to collaborate and talk shop, and through it have I’ve met many like-minded coders with dreams of doing this as a career. If having a helpful support group weren’t enough, Madison also frequently reaches out to us individually, offering 1-on-1 video chats to make sure we’re understanding the content, and to also get a sense of our goals and providing guidance and mentorship. It’s a very fantastic approach which I have not experienced in any of the other courses I’ve taken to date. If you’ve been struggling as I have in transitioning from taking tutorials and courses to doing programming as a profession, you’ll learn several methods to help train yourself to be a better, more efficient coder, and to keep yourself on track. The insight and advice Madison provides and the level of dedication to making sure her students get the most while under her tutelage makes signing up for her class a no-brainer. I’ll see you there!